7QT: Montana Vacay & Saturday Laughs

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– We’re in Montana!  On vacation!
– So far the only real updates are that the plane rides were good and
– We went to a zoo here, which was fun.
– My kids played the piano.
– My MIL hung out with TR in the morning and let Hobbs and I sleep in!  It was wonderful and I feel like a new person.
– We’re going to Yellowstone!
– It’s so pretty here.  <3


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 Dessert of the Week

Brownies and Drumstick Ice Cream – YUM!
We had this after our Family Dinner last night.  Everyone was here: Grandpa and Nana (of course), 3 of the great grandparents, one of Grandpa’s cousins, and Auntie Amy / Uncle Eric.  It was a fun time.

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5 Weird Favorite Things about Traveling

My #5Faves this week were Montana-related.

5 Faves Graphic

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Saturday Laughs

There’s not much time for blogging, and not much Internet connection… unfortunately there aren’t any T-Mobile towers here.  So I want to throw in some laughs here!

pianoPlaying the Piano

SL 2

A Ride on Great Grandpa’s Leg

SL 1

Slide: You’re Doing it Wrong

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Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

   * Heroes * It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia *
on Netflix
I need more comedy show suggestions.

and * Fear the Walking Dead * on the AMC website

and in Montana, Outlander on Amazon Prime.

Playing Fall Out Shelter (the new free game for mobile devices)

Listening to the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast

Currently Reading: Writers of the Future Volume 31 and Marked

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