5 Favorite Weird Things I Love About Vacations #5Faves

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  1. Writing Checklists: I make pretty lists of everything I need to pack and everything I need to buy at Target to prepare for the trip.  You know how I love lists and planning.  Wink Face.
  2. Packing: Organizing everything, and putting all of our clothes and items in our family suitcase as well as my kids adorable “luggage”.  We got Cupcakes a new backpack for preschool that we’re using on this trip.  AND I found an adorable tiny Batman backpack for $3 in Target’s dollar spot.  Squee.
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  3. Eating at the Airport: I think a lot of people find this stressful, what with all the rushing between flights and getting through security… I think I just thoroughly enjoy eating.
  4. The Excitement of the Airport: There are *for sure* a lot of things that aren’t my favorite about airports… the crazy rush of the security line (especially with a stroller), running to the gate since we’re inevitably late, carrying all. the. things. (parental problem), etc etc.  However, we don’t travel much and all of the good parts about the airports are so much fun and exciting.
  5. All the People: I’m an introvert so I don’t like *talking* to these other people (obviously, haha), but there are so many people at airports… I wonder where they’re going and what they’re doing.  Plus, who doesn’t like a good people-watch opportunity??

Are there any weird things about traveling that you enjoy?  What is your favorite part(s) about going on vacation??

I wrote this post: Toddler Travel Tips before going on a plane trip with Cupcakes when she was two.  I’ve since written another post, but on hubpages: How to Travel via Airplane with 2 Kids and a Layover.  That being said, I still get nervous about potential melt-downs or other problems so wish us luck please!

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