My 5 Favorite Things to Do When Hobbs is Off

As August starts to come to a close, I’m making sure that we’re making the most of the end of our summer!  All too soon, we’re going to have to start wearing winter coats and scraping the snow and ice off our windshields.  Now is the time to be out ‘n about!

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Here are my 5 Favorite things to do when my husband, Hobbs is off work.

  1. Shopping – Especially Outdoor Malls: We don’t have to spend any a lot of money.  We just go to walk around and window shop.  And we love to get lunch.  It’s a guilty pleasure.
  2. Water Play: Whether it’s running through the sprinklers, playing in the inflatable pools, or going to the Splash Pad, my kids ALWAYS have a great time playing in water, and we have a great time watching them.
  3. Yard Work: Things I love about summer: the smell of freshly cut grass, being outside, enjoying the warm sunshine, etc etc.  Even if we’re doing work, it’s great to be outside doing it together.  It’s 100% better than shoveling snow!
  4. Going on Walks to the Park: This is such an easy, and lazy, yet wildly fun activity to do as a family.  The kids love it, and it’s completely free.
  5. Just Being Spontaneous: What’s better than packing some snacks, getting the kids in the car, and just going wherever we want?  Maybe we’ll surprise Cupcakes (and TR) with a trip to the zoo or maybe we’ll just go to Target (again), but wherever we go, let’s just enjoy ourselves!

I saw this on Facebook this past week.  How true… let’s make the most of the time we have with our kids!


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