I Love These Kidgets Diapers!

Tracking PixelI’m happy to bring you this sponsored post for Kidgets diapers today because I’m a mom with a little baby.  I’m a huge fan of good diapers that are a great value for the money I spend.  These diapers meet all my criteria to trust them on my baby’s bottom.
Love These Kidgets Diapers | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

When considering the purpose of diapers, WHY would we spend more than is absolutely necessary?  Kidgets diapers are wonderful: they don’t leak, they fit well, they don’t harm Baby’s sensitive skin, they’re budget-friendly, and … they’re cute!

5 Reasons to Love These Diapers | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

5 Reasons to Love Family Dollar’s Kidgets Diapers:

1. They provide excellent leak protection because of the stretc5 Reasons to Love These Diapers | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakeshy leg holes and absorbency.

2. Tootsie Roll is 15 months old and Doesn’t. Stop. Moving.  He absolutely a requires a diaper that can keep up with him, and these do!  They’re not too bulky, and they’re flexible enough to accommodate all his wild movements.

3. The cloth-like outer-cover is soft and gentle.  I’ve tried other brands that made TR’s bottom completely red.  Diapers must be gentle so they protect against diaper rash!  These leave his bottom completely clear.

4. These are Family Dollar’s brand of diaper, so you know they’ll fit your budget!

5. Just look how cute they are!  They have a very nice blue color for the cutesy letter bubbles – cute and educational!  😉5 Reasons to Love These Diapers | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

PLUS, these diapers come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied; you can’t go wrong!

Yesterday, I had TR running around in just his diaper for a little while, trying to get pictures.  (What’s cuter than a baby in a diaper??)  Eventually, though, I had to get him dressed so we could go out ‘n about.  So my husband put him in a shirt and little shorts and when I came into the living room, he just yelled at me and grabbed at his shorts.  Clothes are the worst, haha!  Apparently running around in just a diaper is not only cute, but also free-ing for the little one!

5 Reasons to Love These Diapers | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

Find a Family Dollar near you!

5 Reasons to Love These Diapers | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

This is a sponsored post, written by me, on behalf of Family Dollar.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I so want these diapers for my kids!!!

  2. These would have been marvelous when I was babysitting my uncle’s littles haha! Taking care of them made me appreciate how good quality diapers make a HUGE difference!

  3. I have a dollar tree near by but not a family dollar. I’ll have to find out my nearest location!
    JoAnna recently posted…And the Winners Are…My Profile

  4. I had no idea that Family Dollar had diapers! I am always looking for a good deal on a quality diaper!

  5. Allicia Faber says:

    I would never have thought to buy diapers there, I am so glad someone I trust has tried them and liked them! I will definitely give them a shot! Thanks for the rec!

  6. Thanks for the review! Buying diapers is a killer on the budget. I love hearing good things about cheap diapers!!

  7. Finding quality disposables at a good price is the Holy Grail of diapering in my book! I had no idea Family Dollar sold diapes!

  8. Great find!! I am definitely introducing these to the family(ies) I nanny for!

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