Cat in the Hat, Bicycle Pro and other Saturday Laughs

5. “Mommy, I’m such a good mom.  I’m such a good mom.  I’m so nice.  And I don’t take anybody’s kids.”  Well that’s good!

4. You know how kids “cook” foods in their play kitchens and give them to you?  Well, the other day, I think I told her I would play with her as soon as I was finished with my Swagbucks Survey, but she didn’t like that: “Mommy I burned your cake ’cause you’re not playing with me.”  Geez!

3. We’re lucky to have a big front window that almost goes floor to ceiling in our living room and both kids love to watch whatever exciting things are going on outside.  Cupcakes saw one kid and exclaimed, “Mommy!  That kid is a pro at doing bicycles!”

2. Tootsie Roll is learning to climb.  Yesterday, he took out all of the play dough in our bottom toy drawer and just climbed in and sat down.  I also have a small decorative box that goes with our furniture.  He likes to take it off the end table, remove all the coasters, step inside and just stand there.  Eventually he starts yelling for me to get him out.  He also sits (kind of) in this box.

1. Cupcakes was SO excited to see this Cat in the Hat cardboard cut out at Barnes and Noble.  She insisted I take a picture of her with him.  It was adorable.


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  1. Look at her and Dr. Seuss! J can she get any cuter! Seriously!!!

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