7QT: Summer Fun, Bookmark, Websites and More

– 1 –


– Caleb’s still teething.
– They might be closing our beloved Splash Pad.
– I think I need a new logo.
– We’re going to a carnival tonight.
– My brother’s birthday is this weekend!
– We bought Cupcakes a backpack (25% on Cartwheel!) because
– We might be sending her to preschool!

– 2 –

Dessert of the Week

Ice Cream!

I should have taken a picture – we haven’t purchased ice cream in forever!  (I had a coupon, haha)

– 3 –

Beautiful Handmade Bookmark

As you know if you read my Monday blog posts, I love my planner and consider myself a #PlannerAddict.  I’m in this secret planner buddy group, and I got the most lovely gift from my buddy this past week: a handmade bookmark with my name.  I love it so much!


– 4 –

I Wrote a New Hub

Why Anyone Who Sells Something Should Have a Website and How to Set One Up


– 5 –

Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

  * Friends * Heroes *
on Netflix as well as these movies:
* Sleepless in Seattle * Bridget Jones’s Diary * High Fidelity *
I need more comedy show suggestions.

Playing So Many Me (the new free game for xboxone)

Listening to the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast

Currently Reading: Writers of the Future Volume 31 and Gunslinger

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