7QT: About Detroit from our Vacation

We Went on Vacation to my Dad’s Hometown of Detroit, Home of my Favorite Sports Team

So I did my nails all special. ¬†ūüôā

Go Wings!

Go Wings!

– 1 –

The 5 Hour Drive Wasn’t So Bad

The key is to be prepared. ¬†I squished in the back between the carseats, my dad drove, and my husband sat up in the passenger seat. ¬†It was tight, but I think my kids felt better having me right there, and there wasn’t room for me anywhere else anyway. ¬†I gave both of them a goodie bag with special surprises including books, coloring stuff, snacks (homemade trail mix) and little toys to keep them entertained.

On the way there, we stopped half way to eat lunch.
On the way back, we made a couple of stretch-your-legs breaks.

– 2 –

Yummy Food

Two of the places we ate were places we don’t have here in Chicago: Big Boy

Big Boy

and Buddy’s Pizza, which my dad really likes and wanted to visit. ¬†Plus we had coupons from the museums we visited!

"The Detroiter"

“The Detroiter”

– 3 –

We Stayed at a Hotel that Came with Museum Passes

Me with the Inventor of Weekends

Me with the Inventor of Weekends

Savings!  Each of us got passes to see two of the three museums and we chose Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.  It was SO hot (90 degrees) so we did the outdoor museum (Greenfield Village) first.  It was a good call, but by the end, it was unbearable.

Greenfield Village was amazing! ¬†It has all these famous places (the actual buildings) that were transported to this one museum. ¬†We saw: The Wright Brothers’ Cycle Shop. Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the first house lighted with his electric bulbs, and the house where Henry Ford was born and lived. ¬†I love seeing awesome historical sights like these!

Mustard House

First House with Electric Lights A Boarding House Owned by Edison where Unmarried Workers Lived

Cupcakes feeding lambs

Cupcakes got to Feed a Lamb!

We were all so happy to get inside and be in air conditioning. ¬†The Henry Ford Museum was also filled with incredible historic sights including: a tour of Roadside America, the progress of planes, trains and automobiles, Presidents Reagan and Kennedy’s cars, the chair President Lincoln was shot in (actually profoundly sad), etc.



– 4 –

The Hotel Did, However, Turn Out to be Quite Dangerous.

We actually stayed in a town called Taylor, right next to Dearborn which is right next to Detroit, but we stayed two nights, and both mornings, we awoke to cops arresting people.  One woman was stabbing a guy in the arm, which occurred (thankfully) before we were awake.  The next morning, we saw the cops escorting a guy down to the lobby and he actually started resisting right in front of us and kicking his things down the stairs.  Terrifying.  So Hobbs and I got the kids away.

Next time, we’ll stay somewhere else. ¬†That is, if we ever visit Detroit again. ¬†I’m from Chicago, so I wasn’t really surprised the first time, but 2 for 2?? ¬†And not even in the city?? ¬†Yikes.

– 5 –

I Miss Having a Pool

And so I really enjoyed our fun times in the hotel pool. ¬†Cupcakes was a little nervous, but comfortable in her Daddy’s arms. ¬†I held Tootsie Roll who really enjoyed splashing, but otherwise was a little restless and frustrated that he couldn’t be on his own. ¬†Haha. ¬†He also wouldn’t go to anyone else for more than a couple of seconds.

‚Äď 6 –

We Got a Glimpse into my Dad’s Childhood

I am so very interested in family history and knowing about how my parents grew up so I was very excited to see all of my dad’s places. ¬†He showed us the houses where he lived. ¬†Residential Detroit is really really sad today. ¬†He also showed us his church, his schools, his mom’s church, the rail yard his dad would take him to see, and a park where he played. ¬†It was such a cool tour. ¬†I took pictures and wrote down our stops.

We got lunch at some kind of Detroit riverwalk right across from Canada.

We got to see Joe Louis Arena, but unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside or even get out and take pictures on the steps.

– 7 –

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