Make Your Own Trail Mix for You and Your Kids

TODAY I am going on a Road Trip with my entire family: hubs, kids, parents, brother, sister and new brother in law.  We’re going to be in the car for 5 hours!  This is the longest Tootsie Roll will ever have been in a car, and it *might* even be the longest road trip of Cupcakes’ life as well.  I needed to be prepared with food.  (Among other things.)

I wanted something for the kids to snack on that was at least a little bit healthy, so I decided on Trail Mix.  The members of my family have different food preferences and requirements so I didn’t just purchase a pre-made package of trail mix.  If you make your own, you can use whatever ingredients you like.  Here’s what I did!

There were two basic starting points: peanuts and Cheerios.

trail mix process

[The coke flap is just there for me to add my coke rewards.]


– 2 medium-sized bowls
– Plastic tongs
– Snack or Sandwich bags (I used sandwich)
– Labels


– Peanuts
– Cheerios
– Raisins
– Chocolate Chips
– Peanut Butter Chips
– Marshmallows
(I used the flat s’mores ones because it’s what I had, but minis would have been better.)
– Yogurt Melts

My 4 year old daughter and I have peanuts in ours, but my husband doesn’t like peanuts, and Tootsie Roll (my 1 year old) is too young to eat peanuts.  Tootsie Roll is the only one who doesn’t have marshmallows, but he does get yogurt melts.


– I used two bowls, and put peanuts in one, Cheerios in the other.
– Then, I added all the other ingredients except marshmallows and yogurt melts.
– I used the tongs to gently mix everything together.
– Next, I filled each of our bags (2 each – both trips, to and from).
– I added marshmallows and yogurt melds, and shook ’em up.
– Finally, I labeled all of them so we have no unfortunate mix-ups.

Trail Mix


What would you put in YOUR own trail mix??

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