Today is Prime Day! Let’s Get Our Shopping on – More Deals than Black Friday!


Are you an Amazon Prime member??  Today’s deals are going to be better than Black Friday!  As you might have heard, I’ve already started Christmas shopping.  Do you have any gifts you need to get for your friends and family?  For Christmas, birthdays or whatever?

My family and I also purchased our Halloween Costumes!  We’re going to be the Ninja Turtles – how perfect – all my daughter’s idea!  You won’t find a better deal on Halloween costumes than today; come October, I’m sure the prices will sky-rocket.

Here’s all the things I want the most from Amazon.  They’re probably mostly going to be planner and art journal supplies and tools.  That’ just where I’m at.  But hey if you’re doing Christmas shopping or anything besides planner stuff, I’d still be so appreciative if you use one of my links to get to Amazon because that will still help me out.  What are YOU shopping for today??

Planner Wishlist

1. Laminator


I recently got a laminator and it has changed my life!  You can make professional pages out of anything: decorative scrapbook paper, motivational quotes, Bible verses, awesome pieces of artwork, favorite photos, etc, etc.  You can also make insert covers, page dividers and bookmarks for your planner!

2. Project Life Cards

project life cards

Project life cards are super fun and decorative sayings or symbols, lines or quotes on small pieces of card stock.  They can be used in scrapbooking, journaling, planning, etc.

3. A Date Stamp



You can load this baby up with any date and stamp it right into your journal.  It looks awesome and it’s a ton of fun.  You can also use it for due dates, deadlines, events, appointments, etc.

4. Paper Mate Flair Pens

flair pensThese are my favorite pens ever!  I love how smoothly they write and how bright and colorful they are.  Cupcakes loves writing with them too.  They also last a really long time; I’ve had these since my mom got them two Christmases ago.  Don’t worry about bleed-through either.

5. MOAR Washi – Chevron and Striped

chevron washi


Who doesn’t need more washi tape??  My washi collection is getting to be borderline addict status.  But look!  Chevron and stripes!!  Squee what a fun shopping day!!

Linking up these 5 Favorite Planner Supplies with Call Her Happy.  #5Faves

Who are YOU shopping for today?


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