My Planner Week 29: I Periscoped!

Theme: Our Anniversary Dinner

Last week, the theme was our anniversary but because of Hobbs’ work schedule, we didn’t get a chance to celebrate it yet.  We’re going out to dinner this Thursday so I’m extending the anniversary theme another week.  It has been six years, after all!

week 29

I Periscoped!

Are you following me on Periscope (@4LoveofCupcakes)?  Do you know what Periscope is?  I just learned of it a few weeks ago.  It’s a new social media network where people can record and broadcast live across the web!  I recorded myself with my week on two pages and all the spiraldexes and I show how I fill mine in based on what I’m doing during the day.

To learn more about the spiraldex, you can check out my hub: How to Set Up & Plan in Your Bullet Journal.

I’m hoping to either turn these into YouTube videos or make YouTube videos seperately.  I’ll keep you updated!

In the meantime, watch my Twitter Feed to see when I’m periscoping, and PLEASE – if you’re a planner addict too, leave a comment!  Let’s connect!!

Link Up!

I am trying to connect with other planner people!  If you’re a planner-lover like I am, link up your pictures or inspirations!!

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