Splashing, Apples, Teddy Bears & other Saturday Laughs

5. The two siblings shared an apple and I found it hilarious and adorable.  I had no idea Tootsie Roll could take bites out of an apple like that, but he was NOT shy!

SL 3

4. He loved the Splash Pad we visited and got soaking wet.  I think he regretted it at the end… he seemed cold.

SL 2

3. Here’s a picture of TR climbing up my back as I laid on the ground.  He always climbs on people on the ground.

SL 1

2. We had a lovely Teddy Bear Picnic yesterday, and Cupcakes brought all of her best teddy friends and lined them up against the couch so they could participate.  It didn’t take Tootsie Roll to wrestle them all to the ground.
SL 4

1. Random conversation between Cupcakes & her Daddy:

CUPCAKES: I’m glad you’re going to be here while we’re napping.
DADDY: Where else would I be??
CUPCAKES: With a girl you were friends with when I was a baby.
DADDY: What?!?!

It took him a few minutes to make the connection that I had told Cupcakes I was meeting a friend for lunch and when she asked me which friend, I said “oh you probably don’t remember her but you met her when you were a baby.”

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  1. I really want to bring my kids to a splash park this summer. What a blast. I can’t believe how big they are getting!

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