My Planner Week 27: First Week in My Traveler’s Notebook

This is my first official week in my Midori Style Traveler’s Notebook!  I’m using the grid paper for my planner.  I used to do weeks on two pages in my Bullet Journal as well as my Filofax/  I might continue that on the grid paper.  I’m not sure.  I kind of wanted to do a Day on a Page, but I don’t want to repeat information (too much) that I’m going to put in my journal pages.

What do you use YOUR planners for?

My Three Planner Sections:

1. Weekly Planner
2. Drawings
3. Journal

I’m loving my journal pages right now.  I’ve been doing those since before I officially moved into the actual Planner part yesterday.  I just love this notebook / system SO much!  Here are some pics:

Midori Lyrics

In my last bullet journal, I had a page where I used most these fun letters and I would always reference it.  So on this page, I used the letters in the Bruno Mars lyrics and whichever letters I *didn’t* use there, I put in some lights above it.  Now I have a reference in this book.  Smiley face.

Midori Trust Micron

I’ve since added a nice border to this quote.  Maybe I’ll show you next week.

I am getting a little too addicted to stationary, washi tape, and stickers though; I need to get a handle on that.

What have you been doing in YOUR planner?

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