7QT: Easy Pumpkin Muffins, Star Wars Game, & More

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– I’m really getting into my Midori Traveler’s Notebook!  <3
– I babysat two kids at my house on Monday (in addition to MY two kids) and it went a lot easier than I thought, plus I got to make some money!  So winning!
– I need help with my etsy stationary addiction…
– I love popcorn.
– We’ve been having a lot of fun with sidewalk chalk!
– We went to a mall that’s a little farther away so we can check out the Lego store.  So much awesome!  Do you have a Lego store near you??
– We could have gone to the zoo yesterday but we didn’t because the weather channel said it was supposed to storm all day.  But it didn’t even rain.  Not a drop.  Someone remind me why I listen to this app again!?


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Dessert of the Week

Or… er… breakfast.  Whichever you choose.  These are super easy mini muffins which only take TWO INGREDIENTS!

Pumpkin Muffins using Yellow (or Spice) Cake Mix & Pumpkin

pumpkin mini muffins

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Blogging Tip

How to Add Pin Buttons to Your Sidebar

Side Bar Pin Buttons

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Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

 Daredevil * Lost * Friends
on Netflix

We just finished Orange is the New Black on Netflix… awesome season finale!!

Star Wars DVD while playing the X Wing Game

Currently Reading: Writers of the Future Volume 31 and
[re-reading] Brave New World

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Do Your Husbands Play this X Wing Game?  (Star Wars)

x wing

Hubs loves it and he got some new ships for Father’s day so we’ve been playing when he’s off from work.  It’s actually pretty fun!

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