Planner Week 26: Last Week Before My Midori & How to Make a Dashboard

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Bullet Journal week 26


Hello Planner People!
This is my last official week in my spiral Bullet Journal & Filofax before I move into my Midori Traveler’s Notebook!  I am so very excited!  I’ve been getting it set up to prepare for my first official day.  I might start the journal before the end of this week, actually.

Inspired by some YouTubers, especially My Life Mits, I made my own DIY Midori Dashboard using things I already had in my Planner Supply Bag.

How To Make a Dashboard / Cover for Your Midori Traveler’s Notebook

* Take two pieces of cardstock in the correct size, and lay them next to each other on a hard surface with a sizeable gap (1-1 1/2 inch) between them.
* Use sturdy masking tape or packing tape on both sides to attach them.
(The tape will become the dashboard’s spine.
* Decorate the fronts and backs of both flaps.
[Many people load their dashboards up with envelopes and pockets.  I created one pocket, and I think I’ll stick post-its to use on the other parts.  Since I have a craft folder in the middle with like 6 pockets, I don’t need many more.  ::wink face::]
* Slide it into the elastic(s) behind your inserts.  You’ll have one flap in front of all your inserts, and one behind all of your inserts (unless you choose to place it differently)

Front of Flap #1

Midori Dashboard 4

Anchor Paper – Michael’s
Flower Washi – Michael’s
Stickers – Michael’s
For Love of Cupcakes Sticker – Moo . com
Create Something Every Day Stamp – The Paper Source
Calligraphy Pen – Michael’s

Back of Flap #1

Midori 3

Cardstock for Pocket – Michael’s
Rainbow Duct Tape – Target
Alphabet Washi – Target

Front of Flap #2

Midori Dashboard 2

Like what I did there on the back of my moleskin?  I found it on a calendar!  ::happy face::

I haven’t decorated this side of Flap #2 Yet.  Maybe I’ll put my post-it notes here.

Back of Flap #2

Midori Dashboard 1
Chococat & Keropi Paper – Too Cool, my local Japanese Import store
Hello Kitty Washi – Toys R Us
(I used scotch tape here too)

Do you have fun things in your planner??  Or other awesome planner pictures?  LINK UP!

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