Lil Bruno Mars, Sibling Love, Chalk Butt & other Saturday Laughs

5. This is the cutest sibling picture ever!  Cupcakes was cracking up at Tootsie Roll’s antics!

SL 2

4. “Every time I close my eyes, I see my name in shining lights!”
My little Bruno <3

SL 1

3. Ya know when your kids hear everything you say?  This is a version of something Cupcakes heard from either Hobbs or me (directed at me):

“In one minute, you’re going to fall apart.”

2. The diaper pool story from yesterday’s 7QT post is pretty funny.  Poor TR’s ‘sposie completely filled with the pool water.  I have no idea why he’d be fine without his swim diapie.  Now I know for sure…

1. His bottom!  So much chalk!  He loved drawing on the driveway, and of course, so did Cupcakes.  It was a hilarious evening.

SL 3

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  1. I miss these when you don’t link up! They are just the cutest J!!! Love them!
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