7QT: Diapers, Pin It Buttons, Updates & More

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– We’re starting to be able to get outside again after all the rain storms!
– Jurassic World was uh-mazing!  And it was really nice to have a date with Hobbs.
– I’ve started to set up my beautiful Midori Traveler’s Notebook.
– We’re still scanning for kicks & redeeming for Target gift cards with the Shopkicks app!
– Tootsie Roll has started coloring!  Now if I could just get him to stop eating the crayons…
– The weather let up long enough for us to make it to the zoo!  (Pictures later)

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Selfie Contest to Help a Community Organization

I teamed up with Huggies and Walmart to support a campaign in which Huggies is going to award one Selfie-Taking Mommy’s community with a $2K grant!  See my post and find out how to participate in this awesome initiative!

huggies post

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Blogging Tip

How to Add Pin Buttons to Your Sidebar

Side Bar Pin Buttons

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Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

 Daredevil * Lost * Friends
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[Guilty Pleasure Warning:]
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Jurassic World was AWESOME!!!

Currently Reading: Writers of the Future Volume 31 and
[re-reading] Brave New World

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 Disposable Diapers Don’t Work in the Water

My mom invited us to her house and told me to bring the kids in their diapers so they could splash around in the pool for a while.  I forgot the swim diapers at home, unfortunately, so I just left him in his regular diaper.  It doesn’t work.  As I should have known because of their very nature, his diaper just absorbed half the pool water.  Poor guy.  It was like a big hard ball of water around his waste.  #TheMoreYouKnow


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