Planner Week 25: In My Bullet Journal – Dinosaurs

Theme: Dinosaurs [Jurassic World]

(I guess… not sure if there is a theme this week)

week 24


There’s nothing really to see this week in my Filofax but my Bullet Journal is a PARTY!  I love my Bullet Journal pages… so much fun!  I might soon switch back to a day a page or two days on a page.

My Midori Traveler’s Notebook came in the mail!

Midori Traveler's Notebook

From Imperfectly Perfekt on Etsy
Isn’t it beauuuuutiful??
The charm is from Michael’s.

I have June all prepared in my current Bullet Journal so I think I’ll wait until July to actually move into my TN.  That will give me two weeks to get it all ready and get filled up with anticipation.  Of course, that also means two weeks of carrying around both notebooks.  I am so excited though.  SO so excited, and so happy with my TN.

Product Review:

This Midori-Style Traveler’s Notebook, which she calls a Keelindori, is made of genuine leather, which Imperfectly Perfekt dyes herself.  She also somehow adds these amazing designs (I chose purple and the trees with birds, but she has many more colors and prints to choose from).  I also picked the rainbow elastic as opposed to black or white.  You might know that I LOVE rainbows so this was a perfect option for me!  The leather is the perfect balance between stiff and flexible.  It opens flat which I LOVE and needed – one of my biggest problems with my Filofax.  I asked her to give me 4 elastics in the spine to fit 4 inserts, and those worked out wonderfully.

I purchased two add-ons: a pen loop, and a pocket insert.
The pen loop is elastic which is great because I can fit my ball point pen as well as papermate flair (favorite) pen.  My Filofax pen loop doesn’t stretch and the papermates are too thick.
The pocket insert is a super cute pink and polka dot design, and has much more space than I could even see in the video!  I’ve already included some stickers and cards.  It’s so pretty.  I highly recommend these products and this shop.
The shop owner was very understanding and patient with me, answering my questions with plenty of detail, and in a way that I could understand.  I am a Midori noob, and was quite confused about all the different sizes.  Now I finally understand and was able to order my perfect notebook.

Do You Have the Periscope App?

I’m going to be doing some live broadcasts featuring my new Traveler’s Notebook and you’ll be able to see it in all of it’s glory on Periscope.  Download it; it’s quite a cool app, and many bloggers are starting to use it!  I just learned all about it last week on the #BlogElevated chat.

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