7QT: BrownieCake, Midori, Evernote & More

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– Cupcakes started her summer session of Gymnastics.
– Hobbs and I have a date night planned for tonight.  We’re going to see Jurassic World.
– We’re still scanning for kicks & redeeming for Target gift cards with the Shopkicks app!
– My sister and her new husband are back from their honeymoon.
– We found a free Splash Pad for the kids!

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Dessert of the Week!

I thought I was making Brownies, but as it turns out, I made a cake.  Oops.  It’s a good thing we happened to have frosting.  I was pretty nervous when I realized because the brownie pan I used was too small…

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Blogging Tip

Do you use Evernote?evernote
This app was brought up at my #BlogElevated chat this week so I downloaded it and am trying to learn how to use & organize notes inside it.

I’ve heard it described as a “digital filing cabinet”.

MichaelHyatt.com seems to be a good resource.  I listened to his podcast: 10 Unconventional Uses for Evernote and it was really interesting!

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Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

 Daredevil * Lost * Friends
on Netflix

Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III on DVD
[In preparation for Jurassic World.]
[One of the few things Hobbs LOVES that I am just not into.]

Currently Reading: Writers of the Future Volume 31

We rented Big Hero 6 and I loved it!  *ahem* Cupcakes loved it!  She also loved the little short at the end, Feast.

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Easy Taco Seasoning Recipe

I never buy those taco seasoning packets.  It’s a waste of money because now I know I can just combine 4 simple spices to make my own!

How to Make Your Own Taco Seasoning | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

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