How to Make Your Own Easy Taco Seasoning

Don’t buy those taco seasoning packets!!  Pinterest told me you can save money by making your own!  One of those packets is good for one, maybe two taco nights, and they’re like $1 – $1.50 each.  Check your pantry or spice rack.

You only need 4 spices to make your own!

How to Make Your Own Taco Seasoning | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

Ingredients:How to Make Your Own Taco Seasoning | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Chili Powder

(Optional: Red Pepper
I don’t use this because it makes it way too spicey, but go for it if you like that!)


Combine 1 part of each spice in a bowl.  I did about 2T of each.
Mix it up.
Put it in a small glass jar like this one.


How to Use the Taco Seasoning:

Brown your meat.  Drain.
Sprinkle 1 T of the Taco Seasoning over it, and 5-6 T of water.  Cook through.
It stores really well in the freezer.  Just take out your tablespoon and pop it right back in for next time.

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