Business of Being a Princess & other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes on Wednesday morning…

ME: “All my kids wake up too early so Mommy is tired.”

CUPCAKES: “Well I don’t have to go back to bed; I have a lot of business to do!”

ME: “You don’t have to go back to bed.  What kind of business do you have to do?”

CUPCAKES: “I have to draw, and be a princess, and play Legos… all that.  So I can’t go back to bed!”

4. Baby Picnic!

SL 1
3. Cupcakes has been drawing a lot of birds…

SL 3


CUPCAKES: Mommy, how do you draw a bird?
ME: Umm you draw a body, a head with a beak and some wings.
CUPCAKES: Are geese birds?
ME: Yes they are!
CUPCAKES: Oh well I didn’t draw wings on my geese; I was confused.
Me: That’s ok.
CUPCAKES: How many legs to birds have?  2 or 4?  …. 2 or 4?!
ME: 2!  They have 2 legs!
CUPCAKES: My bird has a pink belly.

Oh conversations with 4 year olds… hahaha

2. He sat criss-cross-applesauce!!!

SL 2

1. I don’t know where or how he picked this up, but whenever he can get his hands on a hairbrush – real or toy – he brushes his hair!  So flippin adorbz!

SL 4

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