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– Hubby cleaned out the gutters.  YAY!
– Tootsie Roll is teething again.  NOT YAY!
– We still have to re-register Cupcakes for gymnastics for the summer.
– Hubby and I have been sucked back into Candy Crush.
– We’re thrilled with the nice weather, and have resumed going on walks!
– We redeemed $15 more in Target gift cards with the Shopkicks app!
– My sister and her new husband are still on their honeymoon.
– The kids, my mom, and I are going shopping tomorrow and I can’t wait!
– We saw a rainbow!


– 2 –

Dessert of the Week!

Puppy Chow!
It was gone in two days.  Yikes.
I noticed the recipe is no longer on the box.  I suspect because they’re going for the ‘healthy vibe’ and puppy chow doesn’t exactly fit.  Haha

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Blogging Tip

I’m still doing the #BlogElevated twitter chat every Tuesday (that I remember) at 9pm (central).  This past week, the topic was PINTEREST!  Pinterest is my favorite social media site for my blog, and the improvement of my life.  So it was a very enjoyable chat for me.  Please stop by if you’re a blogger, there’s always so much to learn and so many friendly people!


– 4 –

Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

 Daredevil * Lost * Friends
on Netflix

Downton Abbey
on Amazon Prime.

Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III on DVD
[In preparation for Jurassic World.]
[One of the few things Hobbs LOVES that I am just not into.]

Currently Reading: Writers of the Future Volume 31

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 – 6 –

An Etsy Order I am *Quite* Excited About

… a lovely Midori [style] Traveler’s Notebook …
from Imperfectly Perfekt on Etsy!
I’m going to write all about it when it arrives!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.43.11 PM

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