5 Favorite Things about Weddings

My only sister Jenn is getting married THIS SATURDAY!  I am so excited!  So excited in fact, and so pre-occupied that it wasn’t until right now, right this very moment, that I realized it is Wednesday night.  I sat down to do this blog post thinking tomorrow was Wednesday so I can do my #5Faves post.  Nope – tomorrow is Thursday.

Oh well… here are my 5 Faves, Thursday Edition.


Do you like this photo bomb by TR and I?  Pretty obvious, eh?  I was helping…

5 Favorites about Weddings

1. The Vows
I’m not a write-our-own vows type.  I love the traditional words:

“I, Jamie, take you, Hobbs, to be my husband.
I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
And I will love you and honor you
all the days of my life.”

As the priest who married us said, “words have the power to affect the change they signify.”  In saying the vows to one another, you are making the sacrament take place.  From here flow all the marital graces from God.  Amazing.

2. All the Excitement
I’m a very excitable person and I love a good celebration.  What better celebration that that of two people in love committing to love each other for the rest of forever??  There is so much preparation that goes into this one day, and then it finally arrives!  During the week before my wedding, I was so excited that I was bouncing off the walls!

3. Seeing People You Don’t Get to See
My extended family from down south is coming up for my sister’s wedding.  I haven’t seen them – my aunt, uncle, and cousins in YEARS!  We live so far away, and somehow scientists haven’t invented teleporters yet… but this weekend I get to see them, and I (we) can’t wait!

4. Dancing the Night Away
Now don’t be fooled… I can’t dance.  But at weddings, you don’t have to be a good dancer, you just have to have some energy, and maybe a drink or two, and you can just head out on the dance floor.  I hired an iPod DJ for my wedding, which meant I got to pick all the songs.  That was PERFECT!  There were 100 people at mine 6 years ago, and the dance floor was packed the whole time.  It was seriously a party!  Jenn will have over 200 at hers; it’s going to be awesome.

5. The Food and the Drinks!
You didn’t think I would write about my 5 favorite things about weddings and not include the open bar, did you??  I didn’t think so.

Drink responsibly.
Jenn is having a shuttle bus take people back to the hotel in case they’re too impaired to drive.  This is way more convenient for parking as well.  One of the reasons I chose Holiday Inn for our wedding reception is that the hotel was attached!

Also, wedding food (in my experience) is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!  I’ve heard some say ‘wedding food sucks’ and it baffles my mind.  I’ve only been to a few weddings, but these places are so professional and they’re feeding so many at a high-class event… how could they not do a good job on the food preparation??  Everyone at my sister’s wedding gets chicken and beef.  Yes please!

I’ll let you all know everything about how it was when it’s over!
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