Splashing, Kix, Bugs other Saturday Laughs

5. Have you heard the news??  Sophia the First is on Netflix!  When I found out I let her watch some.  Believe me, she’s excited, but she’s got her TV junkie expression on.  Haha!

SL netflix

4. TR playing with Cupcakes at “Barnes and Dobbos”.  He liked to take a train, roll it on the floor a little bit and then stand up and run off toward the books.  Hobbs followed him and watched him as he abandoned the train somewhere and circled back to go get another one for his next loop.  Adorable.  I love watching my kids play together!

SL trains

3. He was walking around with a Kix on his shirt.  How embarrassing!

SL kix

2. Cupcakes was so proud to have a new friend (bug) crawling around her hand.  It’s almost microscopic.  Do you see it?  Tiny black speck on her index finger?  I promise, it’s there.

SL bug

1. Who doesn’t love babies splashing their feet in shallow water?!  It’s so awesome watching little ones discover the world around them!!

feet water

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