My Filofax Week 14: Holy Week & Easter {Link Up}

Theme: Holy Week & Easter
Colors: Pink, Green & Blue

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Cross Washi: Hello Washi Etsy Shop
Thin Washi: eBay
Catholic Stickers: The Catholic Shop
Bunny / Lamb Stickers: no idea… I’ve had them forever.

The Documented Life Project:

[Art to the 5th blog]

Art Challenge:
Journal Prompt:

New Stuff

… in my Bullet Journal …
I stared at this page all night Saturday and didn’t actually write anything.  Ha!
Maybe tonight…
How do YOU brainstorm?

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… Last Week …

week 13 springtime full

What / How are YOU planning this week?
Come Link Up!

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  1. […] Sunday afternoon/evening was spent relaxing and planning out the week. I really want Holy Week to be special this year (click here for my free printables for Holy Week!). So as a family we’ve decided to do a few things differently, like no t.v. except for religious movies like Veggie Tales, Price of Egypt, The Robe, The Ten Commandments etc. There will be a lot more silence and reading this week too. I’m also taking time to really clean the house for Easter. Each day I’ve assigned myself a cleaning job that will hopefully *fingers crossed* get done. It’s really easy to start celebrating Easter during Holy Week. We get caught up in the decorating and the pretty Easter eggs at the store. But this is a week of spiritual preparation.We aren’t at the finish line yet. Which is why in our family, any Easter decorating is saved until Holy Saturday (fresh flowers, new prints, etc). I’ve also decided on a social media/blog blackout from Thursday evening until Sunday morning. Feel free to join me! I’m doing this in hope of being more “present” during the Triduum. I want to give myself plenty of time to dive deeper into the passion of Christ. Here are my plans all written out. Linking up with For Love of Cupcakes and a Tootsie Roll again! […]

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