Taking Matters Into His Own Hands, Thing with Two Wheels & other Saturday Laughs

5. I call this photo, “Taking Matters Into His Own Hands”.  Don’t ask why the baby had access to the cereal box, but he did and he removed the bag.  Then he attempted to pour some onto the table to eat.  I am in love with this picture.
2015-03-23 15.19.11


4. I’m also in love with this picture.  I mainly think it’s just so cute!  Little Man is so small compared to his big sister, but that doesn’t stop him from causing big destruction.  Here he removed the entire sink!  haha!


kitchen siblings


3. CUPCAKES: “Mommy, I’m freaking out!  I just want to go on a swing so bad!”  (we were walking to the park, turned the corner and it was in sight.

2. This is what Cupcakes calls “that thing with two wheels that’s not my bike”:


1. And here’s a picture of Cupcakes meeting / talking to the two little neighbor boys.  “Heyyyy boys!”



Linking up these Saturday Laughs with Mel at The Mommyhood Chronicles.

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  1. Well isn’t he resourceful! <3
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  2. See I totally miss these when you don’t put them in-HAHA!!! I love reading your laughs my friend. It always puts sucha huge smile on my face every weekend!

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