A Tour of My Church

Who wants to see it??  I wrote my first guest post!

Welcome to My Church!

I *love* visiting other churches, so I’m thrilled to bring you an electronic tour of mine.  This is a fairly small church, but it’s full of beauty.  Enjoy!

We’ve recently moved into our first house in a different town, and so we had to find a new parish.  Though I wouldn’t say it’s filled with a lot of young families/kids, it is certainly very family-friendly.  The usher seems to love us, at least!  Here’s what the pew of a family of four looks like in winter.  I can’t remember why Cupcakes isn’t happy here, but it’s probably that I asked her to put on her coat…  So, on to the tour!

Continue reading all about it and see the pictures at CallHerHappy.com!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 8.52.31 PM

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at81312PM_zps7b1cfbf8.png

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