Happy Valentine’s Day! Some Laughs

CUPCAKES: “Are you tired?”
ME: “Yes” (always)
CUPCAKES: “Well that’s no good.”

You said it, kid.

4. So seriously, “My husband is at work.  He’s stuck in traffic.  I have to go help him.”
I think she hears that people are stuck in traffic all the time, but I am pretty sure she has no idea what it means.

3. We met a dog that was like a cloud.  I picked him up; he seriously weight nothing.  And he looked like a little cloud scurrying around with two black eyes and a black nose.  Adorable.  Hobbs always wants to go check out dogs at pet shops even though we can’t afford one right now.  I always warn him that he’s going to fall in love and have a hard time leaving.  He wants to go in anyway.  Happens every time.  Cupcakes thought this little guy was hilarious.  She fell in love too.  But she was fine leaving without him.

cloud dog

2. TR thinks everything Cupcakes does is hilarious.  I love this picture of the two of them at Target.

siblings at target

1. We had a play date after gymnastics last week.  I have a friend who has kids that are right around the same ages as Cupcakes and TR, which is really awesome, and a lot of fun.  On this play date, the older girls were playing with the babies.

dog pile on TR


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  1. I love cupcakes. Are you tired?! LOL. Of course not! Look at their little playdate. How stinkin cute! Their bonds are adorable too!

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