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Hey everyone!  How are you friends on the east coast?  We’re praying for you!  It’s not too snowy here, but it is cold and we’re in for the duration.  I have to be extra worried (despite Padre Pio’s great advice) about Hobbs driving on the roads, and Gilmore Girls has been hooking me in so I don’t get enough sleep at night, but other than that, life is pretty great.  TR is still teething, and that top guy hasn’t popped through yet, but he seems to be in less pain.  Oh!  And he can now climb up on Cupcakes’ little play chair.  Cupcakes is doing great.  She is loving gymnastics, and we have a couple of play dates and a birthday party lined up.  Those will be fun.  🙂

What’s new with you?

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Blog Stuff

I’ve started participating in the #BlogElevated Twitter Chat, which happens at 9pm Central Time every Tuesday.  I love it!  I think there are three women who run it, and there’s always a theme / topic.  They ask questions about your blog and then answer the ones you have.  You get to talk with others and share tips on how to grow your blog.  That is my number one goal in 2015 so I’m looking for all the help I can get.

I’ve also been reading and implementing the Blog Tips articles I’ve pinned on my Bloggy & Social Media board.

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We’re still playing and now I’m doing the you’ve-already-played-too-much-today dance.  But ah so worth it.  It’s a creative game.  There’s math concepts, I promise.  Cupcakes is getting better and better, and so am I (if I do say so myself).  Hobbs has been watching all kinds of tutorials on youtube.  It’s our favorite winter activity.

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Speaking of Winter Activities

I’ve wrangled 101 of them together to help you and I fight off cabin fever!  Go check out my new post: 101 Free (or Cheap) Activities to do with Kids, fresh off the presses.

101 Winter Activities

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Hubpages: Bullet Journal

One of my friends on Instagram saw one of my pictures from inside my Bullet Journal and she actually asked me for a post about how to plan using one of these systems.  So I happily sat down and wrote out (with pictures) exactly how to set it up and how I use it.  I think it turned out pretty well.  All you need is a basic notebook, and this is a whole lot of fu

How to Set Up & Plan in a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal cover

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