101 Free (or Cheap) Winter Activities for Kids

Baby, it’s COLD outside!  Are your kids going as stir-crazy as mine?  Here are 101 ways to combat cabin fever.  Please let me know if you have any great ideas to add to the list!

101 Winter Activities

1. Freeze bubbles.
2. Build a snowman family.
3. Build an igloo.101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes
4. Help shovel snow.
5. Bake cookies.
6. Make Cranberry Bliss Bars, like the ones at Starbucks.
7. Drink Hot chocolate.
8. Have a New Years Eve Party with your kids.
Let them open a treat bag on every passing hour.
9. Go see the zoo lights.
10. Cut snowflakes from coffee filters.
11. Write a story together.
12. Go on a snow walk.
13. Make snow angels.  Or send your kids out to make snow angels with each other (haha).
14. Catch snowflakes on your tongues.
15. Draw on a foggy window with your fingers.
16. Make snow ice cream.

101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes









17. Build a train track and town.
18. Organize a neighborhood snowball fight.
19. Go sledding.
20. Make a snow road.
21. Bury stuff in the snow.  (Make sure you dig it up.)
22. Sit around a fire.  If you don’t have a fireplace, sit around your TV as Netflix plays, Yule Log.
23. Snack on finger foods.
24. Go ice skating down town.101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes
25. Make a snow castle or snow fort.
26. ^^^ Play Capture the Flag.
27. Cross-country ski.
28. Find a place with a lot of hills to run around in the snow.
29. Countdown to spring (one of my favorites, haha).
30. Start spring cleaning (who wants to waste good spring days doing it??).
31. Make Footprint Penguins.
32. Go on a walk / hunt to spot animals.
33. Take pictures of the animals you see.  Print them out.
34. Make a collage of the prints.
35. Draw the animals with your little ones.  Hang them up.
36. Let your kids take snow pictures.
37. Go to the library.  Learn about hibernation / migration / other animal winter activities.
38. Are you in a place where you can see the Northern Lights?
39. Try to break the ‘Biggest Snowball’ world record.
40. Watch Frozen.  Get the book.
41. Make Olaf in the snow.
42. Dress up in sheets and act out the movie.
43. Make Popsicle Stick Puppets (you don’t have to act out Frozen again).
44. Make Sock Puppets and have a puppet show.
45. Play Hukabuka Beanstalk.
46. Play Freeze Dance or have a dance party.
47. Do Winter Paintings.  When it’s really snowy, open your curtains and tape a big piece of paper on the window.  Paint.

101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes













48. Make popsicles out of snow.
49. Do Gross Motor Activities inside.
50. Organize the closets.
51. Have a Tropical Day.  Grass skirts, coconut milk, the whole nine.
52. Make candy.
53. Paint a winter scene with water colors.
54. Add foam pieces to your scene.
55. Read a storybook and do a related project.
56. Have a baking day to stay warm.
57. Set up an art station.
58. Spend some time where everyone’s just reading.
59. Make blanket forts.
60. Do a puzzle together as a family.
61. Have a family game night or day.
62. Read-a-loud The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.
63. Draw pictures of your favorite parts of the stories.
64. Introduce your kids to *your* favorite video game as a kid (for me it’s Super Mario World).
65. Put some food coloring in a water bottle and spray it all over the snow.
66. Fill a balloon with water, let it freeze, peel.
67. Use all the blocks you have and build a city all over the house.
68. Go bowling.

CHRISTMAS Activities

101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes69. Have a Polar Express movie night.
70. Decorate the Tree with the Grinch playing in the background (cartoon version).
71. Play Christmas music all night while eating finger foods.
72. Start some Advent Traditions.
73. Move the Wise Men or do Elf on a Shelf.
74. Make a Gingerbread house.
75. Read 25 Christmas Stories, one each day.
76. Put Window Cling Stickers on all the glass.
77. Go visit Candy Cane Lane.
78. Wake up your little ones after they’ve gone to bed for a Pajama Adventure.
79. Make Decorations.
80. Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments.
81. Make and drink Warm Vanilla Milk Drinks.

Valentine’s Day Activities

82. Make DIY Candy iPods as a Valentine’s Gift for your kids’ teachers, classmates or yourselves.
101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes
83. Write little notes / have kids draw pictures on Post Its to put all over the inside of your spouse’s car on Valentine’s Day.
84. Do more footprint art, related to hearts and all things Valentine’s.
85. Dip Oreos in candy melt and sprinkles.
86. Browse Pinterest for great homemade Valentines for your children’s classes.
87. Make Chocolate Pretzel M&M Treats with red and pink M&Ms
88. Make Valentine’s decorations.
89. Put glitter on heart doilies.  (I loved this when I was a kid.)
90. Bake your own Heart-Shaped rainbow crayons (easy DIY)101 Winter Activities for Kids | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes

91. Have a campfire (safely using your oven) inside and make s’mores.
92. Dream about what you want to do as a family when spring and summer come.
93. Put together an Emergency Kit in case there’s a blizzard and the power goes out.
94. Have a picnic inside.
95. Teach your kids about the importance of dressing warmly in winter time.
96. Create a new board game together.
97. Rearrange the kids’ rooms – they might be sick of seeing it arranged the same way since they’re spending so much time indoors.
98. Become pen pals with someone from another part of the world. (If you have family that lives far away, try them or a neighbor of theirs.)
99. Check out your local museum, library, play area for “free days”, “discount days”, or free activities.
100. If you live where it’s warmer in the summer, ENJOY IT!
101. Make a scrapbook of the memories!

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