Yay, Touchdown & other Saturday Laughs

5. So babies are the cutest and most fun things ever. Tootsie Roll has learned two tricks. Is it too reminiscent of dogs to call them tricks? Anyway, here’s one of them:


4. We went to the mall with my mom the other night, and she (my mom) was very shocked to find out that Cupcakes does not yet have all of the Ty My Little Pony stuffed animals.  We saw them at our local Japanese Import store, and she found out about the lack of MLP stuffies.  So she got Cupcakes a Twilight Sparkle.  Cupcakes was SO incredibly happy.  She was so excited about her little pony and flew her around all over the place the rest of the shopping trip, and wouldn’t stop talking about her.  It was pretty adorable.  <3

3. Cupcakes has started learning to play video games, specifically Minecraft.  I talk about it occasionally on the blog because I myself am pretty obsessed.  Everything Cupcakes does is pretty hilarious.  She builds houses, places blocks, breaks down things she JUST built, collects flowers and bushes, insists on playing with monsters on but then makes me turn them off almost immediately, loses her house, and loses her map so she has to build a new house.  Uses gold ore as building material… some of these you may have to play the game to understand, but trust me, it’s all very amusing.

2. Here’s another one of those tricks I was telling you about.  He claps his hands and says,



1. Baby giggles are the best.  I didn’t know Hobbs was taking this video, but it is pretty adorable.  He’s laughing and I think he does both of the tricks mentioned in this blog post…

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  1. He is too cute! I just can’t get over how big he has gotten.

  2. Awww….such sweet laughs for your home this week! Can’t resist baby giggles!

  3. Perfected touch down to a T! Man, I love it! So stinkin cute!

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