A Rambling Post on Teething and Tylenol

teething & tylenol

This is going to be a brain-dumpy post.  Fair warning.
Tootsie Roll has started teething.  It actually started a few weeks ago.  I’m proud to announce that he has successfully teethed two teeth, his bottoms.  Those first teeth weren’t too bad.  He had one or two rough nights, and even those weren’t very rough.

But now.

His top teeth are coming in.  I don’t remember Cupcakes’ top teeth coming in RIGHT AFTER her bottoms!  As a nursing mom, I was hoping to wait a bit longer for the top teeth.  Hopefully, like Cupcakes, I’ll only have to sternly tell him, “No bite, Ouch!” once and he’ll learn not to hurt me.

On Teething and Tylenol :: For Love of Cupcakes :: @4loveofcupcakes


He’s in a lot of pain, and it’s so sad.  He is seriously the happiest baby ever, but these teeth coming in just make him cry and yell in my general direction, or in the direction of anyone who will listen.  He crawls over to me, and I think he wants me to pick him up and hold him so I do, but then he just squirms to get into things.  He wants to play, but it hurts so he wants to be held, but then he remembers he wants to play, but then it hurts.  That’s my theory of his thought processes.

So in the middle of the night, when he won’t nurse or when he’s just crying, I pick him up and walk him (he loves to be held while the holder is standing) to his dresser.  This walk starts to calm him down.  Once there, I give him two teething tablets, which he picks up right out of my hands.  Adorable.  And it feels great to be able to do something.  I don’t exactly know how these tablets work but they dissolve pretty much instantly, they’re homeopathic and they don’t have a numbing effect.

On Teething and Tylenol :: For Love of Cupcakes :: @4loveofcupcakes

Sometimes, these tablets are little miracles, and he calms down just enough to nurse or sleep.  But sometimes, the crying continues… I give him Tylenol, well… acetaminophen.   I do.  I guess it’s a bit controversial, but acetaminophen makes his pain go away.  I’ve been taking it my whole life, and I’m fine.  I like it when pain goes away.  I ESPECIALLY like it when my kids’ pain goes away.

So our nights have been like this:
TR wakes up, I give him teething tablets.  He won’t go back to sleep so I give him acetaminophen.  It takes a little while for it to kick in so I just hold him with his paci on the couch while he sits awake.  This goes on until it’s time to feed him.  By the time that comes around he feels better and he’s exhausted so the nursing puts him right to sleep, and he’ll stay asleep for a few more hours.

Except when he doesn’t.  That’s the absolute WORST!

So … how has teething been in your house?  Do you turn to Tylenol to ease the pain, or stick with homeopathic solutions?  Leave a comment!

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  1. Your method of handling the situation, as well as your thoughts behind each part, are the same as mine. I have no qualms with giving my daughter a leg up with Acetoninophen during the toughest part of her teething phase the same as if I take it for a headache that won’t go away after drinking water. I agree that those little tablets can work wonders, and they typically do. At times I wonder how much of it is psychosomatic. Her enjoyment of picking up her tablets and putting them into her mouth without my help is the first stage of the remedy in my book. I think it must be more than a placebo, though, because she stays calm for so long after taking them.

  2. I’d like to add that my girl still nurses throughout the day and has at least three teeth on the top and the bottom. We initially had some issues with biting but it subsided pretty quickly because she didn’t like to see me feel bad (she’s a real sweetie). As it’s been a few months since your post, I wonder how that worked out for you and tootsie roll. ??

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