First 7QT of 2015

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Happy Friday!

I am all jumbled up… Hopefully now that the holidays are over and I have my new Filofax set up, I will be able to get my days straight again.

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Dessert of the Week

For New Year’s Eve, we had pizza bagels, pizza rolls, carmel chocolate popcorn, regular popcorn, and ice cream.  …  Now it’s clear why I have a stomach ache…

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My Bullet Journal

If you want to see all my December pages, check out my creativity blog on Tumblr.

2014-12-31 21.04.08

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2015-01-01 16.03.16

I had a great time with Hobbs eating snacks, sipping wine, and continuing our Lord of the Rings Marathon!  What did you do??

2014-12-31 19.57.14

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Hubpages: Fun Penguin Craft

Well, we’re hunkered down for the duration.  Time for lots of easy crafts!  I love this penguin one; kids really enjoy getting goop all over their feet for the sake of crafts anything.

Do YOU have any great crafts to do this winter??  Please share!

Footprint Penguin

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