7QT: Pajama Christmas Adventure!

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Happy Friday!

Can you BELIEVE we’re about to be entering into Christmas week?!  This is such an incredibly exciting time of year!

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Dessert of the Week

My sister got the family a French Silk pie from Baker’s Square (as you know that’s my favorite pie), but shockingly no one at my parents’ house ate it.  (?!?!?!)  So my mom brought it over to my house.  We ate it after bedtime over the course of a few days and it was absolutely delicious.  PLUS it was Christmas decorated – red and green chocolates on top!

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Pajama Christmas Adventure!

Hobbs and I concocted this elaborate plan for a surprise for Cupcakes after I read about the adventure Jenna had on her blog, Call Her Happy.  My parents used to take me out to see the Christmas lights, but I added a couple of twists.

We put Cupcakes in her warmest pajamas to go to bed, read her a story, sang her a song, and told her to go to sleep.

Out in the living room, I finished feeding TR, and Hobbs prepared the surprise.  He started the car, made a bag of popcorn (and put it into 3 cutesy boxes), and mixed her up some chocolate milk in a sippy cup.  She doesn’t often get chocolate milk, so that’s kind of a treat in and of itself.

Once we were ready, I went to get Cupcakes out of her bed and told her we had a surprise for her.  I carried her out to the car – no shoes!! – with her blankie to keep cozy.

You can see the excitement on her face:

Excited Adventure Bailey

She was mostly excited that she was out in the car in her pajamas.  She kept talking about it and laughing.  I was SO glad we did this for her; she seemed to really love it!!

Candy Cane Lane


How amazing is this house ^^^ ?!  It made the news out by us!  It’s actually even more incredible than it looks.  Cupcakes was pretty tired on our way home.  I think we got her back in her bed a little before 9pm (regular bedtime is 8pm).

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A Christmas Treat
and a Christmas Craft

Rice Krispie Treats

Snowman Craft

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