Easy Snowman Craft to Make Ornaments or Whatever

I need to do more crafts with my kid(s), and what better time to start than Christmas time??  I found an amazing one on pinterest from the blog, Crafts for All Seasons: Glue Snowmen.

Easy Snowman Craft | For Love of Cupcakes | @4loveofcupcakes
Supplies Needed:

Wax Paper
Elmer’s Bottle Glue
Sequence or Small Buttons
Christmas Ribbon
Bits of Scrap Paper for Top Hats
Beads & Fun Beads

Easy Snowman Craft | For Love of Cupcakes | @4loveofcupcakes



– Put out a sheet of wax paper.
[I used Parchment Paper here, and I think that was a HUGE mistake.  I should have just gone out and bought wax paper so if you don’t have any wax paper.  Wait to do this craft until you do.]
– Use the bottle glue to make snowmen shapes.
– Add sequence or tiny buttons for eyes.
– Place ribbon for scarves.
– Use other fun beads however you like.
– Allow to dry for about 2 days.
– Peel off, and place a hook through the head to create ornaments.
– The blog where I found this idea suggests using them as gift tags too!

What are YOUR favorite DIY ornaments??

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