Cupcakes on Superheroes

 Superheroes Do NOT Hold Hands!

superheros do not hold hands


Some Things Superheroes Do

Things Superheroes Do

We went to the mall the other day, and Cupcakes and I had a GREAT time!  She is so hilarious!!  She put her hoodie around her shoulders upside down and asked me to zip it a little bit so she could have a cape.  She was already wearing a tutu so that made her outfit complete.  Throughout the day, she told me all the things that Superheroes do and don’t do.

Superheroes are Fast.

superheroes are fast

Superheroes Crawl Under Caves

superheroes crawl under caves

Superheroes Do Ballet with their Aunties

superheroes do ballet

(Sometimes Superheroes Pout in the Corner)

superheroes sometimes pout in the corner

Superheroes Jump

superheroes jump

Superheroes Love Their Brothers

superheroes love their brothers

More Things Superheroes Do:

“Superheroes do not know where their Grandma’s are going!
Superheroes wear masks.
Superheroes go the wrong way.
Superheroes lose their mommies.
Superheroes swim around.
Superheroes get lost.
Superheroes swim around with their boats.
That’s it.”

So what do YOUR little Superheroes do??

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