Our First House: Home-Buying Process


There are SOOOO many things I want to talk about regarding our new house.  I kind of don’t want to talk about the home-buying process because it was SUCH a nightmare!!  I hardly ever talked about it on da blog because I was so scared of jinxing myself or something (superstitious, much?!  LOL).  There were so many road blocks that I was just afraid of losing it.  And then closing!  UG!  Alright, I’ll devote one paragraph to the process:

Finding Our Home

We knew the realtor we wanted to use because she’s my best friend’s mom.  As soon as we were ready to start looking (we had a very specific timeline: student loans into 6 month forbearance to save up for maternity leave / closing costs, find a lender, get pre-approved, start looking at houses, have a baby, go on maternity leave, continue looking at homes & find one, apply for approval, go back to work, close on the house, take loans out of forbearance, paint, move in all before our apt lease is up Sept 30.  And ideally, we didn’t want to have to pay rent & a mortgage payment at the same time!), she took us to some homes.  She thought we were starting too early, but the timing worked out EXACTLY how we needed it to.  And I have to give credit for that to Mary, Undoer of Knots.  We prayed that Novena because there were so many “knots” involved in this process.  Everything had to happen exactly just so.  And (thanks to God!) it did!  We found 9(ish?) houses that we liked.  Based on the pictures and description online, we thought we had *THE ONE* and we were so excited to check it out.  But the smell of dog hit us like a wall as soon as we stepped inside.  Plus there was no dishwasher and no place to install one.  PASS.  (Dear dog owners, please stop letting your animal pee all over your house.  KThx.)  The house that did end up being *THE ONE* didn’t have much curb appeal and we added it at the last minute.  We ended up LOVING it!  And the seller was going to replace the carpeting!  The paint was bran new, and it had all the appliances.  So it was much nicer than all the other homes.  After we decided to go for it, we found out it had sold.  However, by some miracle (Mary, Undoer of Knots) we happened to check the sight a week or so later and it went back on the market! We jumped all over that.  Then the horrible process of paperwork and closing.  UG NIGHTMARE!  Just have a great realtor that will do everything to get what you need and you’ll be alright.  Our closing costs only ended up being $40 (BEST!) and our first mortgage payment isn’t until October 1st, which is absolutely perfect because our last rent payment is September 1st.  Everything seriously worked out perfectly!  Seriously!  Thank God!!  <3

Code Violations

This is a foreclosure, which is how we got such a great deal.  However, our new house is under 29 village violations.  Boo!  A few of them are very expensive.  We told our amazing realtor that there was no way we were going to be able to pay for the big garage repairs – rotted wood all around, new overhead door and track, re-anchor concrete slab of the back wall – and even though it was an AS-IS property, she convinced the seller to take care of that for us!!  $4000 worth of work!  WHAT?!  Awesome!  But we’re left with the other 27 violations, and some of them are going to be pricey.  Some of them we can do ourselves, I think, but others – electrical mostly – are going to require a professional.  We’re supposed to get some estimates but I am nervous.  Thankfully, we have 6 months to complete the repairs and get it re-inspected.  But if we don’t complete the work, they’re going to turn off our water!  YIKES!

Painting and Decorating

In addition to the REQUIRED work, we have to paint and decorate.  That’s the fun stuff!!  Unfortunately, since the repairs will probably take up the bulk of our money, we won’t have much left for those kinds of things.  We’re only painting the kids’ rooms so that’s actually not going to be too expensive.  We’ve already taped them off so we’re ready to start rolling!

2014-08-27 18.43.02


Other things we need / want to spend money on, decorating-wise, include: new dressers for the kids ($80 each at Ikea), Ikea storage for the kids rooms, closet storage solutions,” entrance way” decorations / shelving, wall art, framed photos for the walls, etc.  I will do a post with all those ideas that I’ve found on Pinterest!!  :)

More to come!

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