Filofax Week 33: I’m Going to Need Some Chocolate

Theme: I’m Gonna Need Some Chocolate (Back to Work (from Maternity Leave) this Week)
Colors: Pink, Green, Purple

2014-08-10 14.47.26


Chocolate Stickers: Michaels?

I let Cupcakes place my stickers this week.  She did not hesitate or think much about where they were going to go so BOOM, lol.  But that’s ok.  This week I want to see the crazy placement of chocolate stickers and get a smile on my face and think of her and all her cuteness.

Another great thing about these stickers?  THEY ACTUALLY SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE!  Talk about a pick-me-up!!  Maybe this will be just as good as the real thing since I’m not allowed to eat at work!  🙂

Butterfly Sticker (for Cupcakes): Target
Monkey Sticker (for Tootsie Roll): Teacher Store
Sprinkles Washi: Michaels?
Thin Washi: eBay

The Documented Life Project

(from Art to the 5th blog)

Get creative with paper.

New Stuff

I’m starting a Happy Thoughts journal to help get me through the days. Here’s page 1 – my favorite Bible quote.  🙂

2014-08-10 14.23.37

This week in my Filofax, I also included a Keroppi notebook page to write down anything inspiration, and jot my to-dos on the back.  He’s so cute; I thought he would make a good extra pick-me-up!

… Last Week…

2014-08-10 14.47.37

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at81312PM_zps7b1cfbf8.png

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