Breastfeeding, Old Fries, Rain Forests & other Saturday Laughs

5. One of my CathSorority friends posted this the other day and it cracked me up:


 4. I got out Cupcakes’ old Rainforest Play Mat for Tootsie Roll to play on, and -as I knew she would- Cupcakes joined right in.  She loved it and I think Tootsie Roll really liked it too!  He was looking around at everything and I think maybe smiling a little bit.  Cupcakes was all over the place.

2014-06-05 09.45.07

 3. This.  With her hands on her cheeks.  It happens when she gets excited and tells me something in a hushed voice.

2014-06-03 15.53.39

 Another thing one of my CathSorority friends posted the other day.

2014-06-05 19.51.35

During the 2 o’clock in the morning hour, the little guy pulls some hijinks.  Sometimes during that night feeding I find myself barely awake. On this occasion, though, I noticed that he managed to get one of his arms out of the swaddle.  I thought it was funny so I snapped this shot for my hubby, but thought I’d throw it up here too.  🙂

2014-06-06 02.46.11


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  1. Has cupcakes started nursing her baby too? It’s so funny how much my little girl notices compared to what her older brother noticed. He would try to feed from his belly button when I nursed B, but she has it ALL figured out! Love the picture of them under the play gym! It’s amazing how fun baby toys can be for toddlers! I hope you all are adjusting well to your family of 4!

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