Tootsie Roll’s Birth Story

When I had Cupcakes, I went into labor 3 days late at midnight and labored for 17.5 hours before they told me I needed an emergency c-section.  For this baby, we considered doing a VBAC but because of my history and other medical reasons, my doctor and I decided to do another c-section.

It was very weird to plan a c-section… weird to know exactly when I was going to meet my baby.  I kept wondering if I was going to go into labor naturally early, and I definitely had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, but I had Tootsie Roll (that’s the name I’m going with) at the scheduled time.

Though I was ready for the pregnancy to be over, I was very nervous about having him.  Nervous about surgery, nervous about breastfeeding, nervous about how to love another child as much as I love Cupcakes.  It was very weird (and scary) for me to go into the hospital (when I was not in labor) knowing what was about to happen.  I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish sleep the night before, but somehow I did!  We had to wake up early to be there at 7:30, 2 hours before the surgery.  Here’s a picture of me about to leave for the hospital with Hobbs:

On Our Way to Have a Baby!

On Our Way to Have a Baby!

The anticipation is definitely the worst part.  Can you see the terror in my eyes?

My first nurse – the one in the birth center – was also named Jamie (spelled the right way (-; ) and she was the best!  I was quite worried about the IV, and she was looking for a vein in an odd spot, which was concerning for me.  She put it in my forearm under my thumb, a few inches down.  Have you ever seen one like that??  I don’t like how they have to look for a vein.  Gross.  Hobbs didn’t have much confidence in me handling it well, but Nurse Jamie said I did a good job.  🙂


My doctors came in to say hi before I headed over to the OR.  Hobbs had to get into scrubs and they wheeled me on over.  It is SO bright in the operating room!  Like last time (when I had Cupcakes), there were several people in there that I didn’t know.  I think some were interns… or residents…?  (I’m not sure of the medical terminology.)

Nurse Jamie let me hold her arms and put my head on her shoulder – they don’t let the husband in for this – while the anesthesialogist had me bend forward to put in the spinal.  That was scary too, but MAN! that medicine kicked in quickly!!  It was different this time.  It made my face itch.  A lot.  And that side effect did not go away for quite some time.  I also felt more loopy.  They strapped my arms down and I could feel my top half.  My bottom half felt like it was on a raft floating in the water, separate from my top half, but attached by a tether or something.  I felt my doctor pulling and tugging, but happily, I didn’t feel any pain at all.  My anesthesiologist told me what was going on and asked me to repeat my non-sensical ramblings so he could make sure I was ok, and he also helped scratch my itchy face.

Soon I heard Tootsie Roll’s cry.  For some reason I was really worried about him and kept asking Hobbs if he was ok.  He was.  This time, after Hobbs went over to see him while they cleaned him up, he was the one who brought the baby over so I could meet him.

first meeting

Like last time, I cried.

Nice to meet you, Little Guy!  He’s perfect.  I got to see him and talk to him for a couple of minutes and then they wheeled me into the recovery room.  The feeling of them moving me from the operating table to the wheel-y table was crazy and terrifying!!  I thought I was going to fall on my face when they tilted me, and I obviously couldn’t feel anything.

Recovery was rough again, but not as bad as last time, and I didn’t have to be in there for as much time.  They did have to call my doctor, but he didn’t have to actually come in.  They had to get his permission to administer some drug to stop the bleeding (which was heavy, they said, because I have red hair).  But the drug worked, and I got to go to the Family Care Unit.

Before they moved me, they let my family come near the door so they could meet him.  I was so excited for Cupcakes to meet her little brother, but I had to watch from my recovery bed.  :-/  She was so shy about it, but that was expected.  She brought him a “kabloon”, which came in our room with us.

I got enough ice chips this time.  I told Hobbs he better just give me as many as I want this time instead of listening to them when they said to make sure I pace myself.

Shockingly, they said I could eat food THAT NIGHT!   That SAME NIGHT as the c-section!!!  Last time, I had to wait a couple of days before eating anything!  I was so so happy.  People advised me to go slow, which I did, but it was amazing.

first food

Beef Broth, Jello, Lemon Ice & Apple Juice

Last time, my go-to hospital foods were English muffins and chocolate pudding; this time, they were jello and lemon ice.  So so good!  The worst part about going home was losing room service!

There was a shortage of rooms in the Family Care Unit so we were in the gyno wing and somehow got two beds!  So Hobbs got to sleep comfortably instead of on couches and chairs like last time.  He even scooted his bed close to mine so we could hold hands.  One of the nurses thought that was pretty cute; she said that she’s seen so many couples be awful to each other (even though they’re in there having babies together).  How sad… I was having a grand ‘ol time with Hobbs.

The next day, I got my IV out (already!!) and my family came to visit.  I was so glad to get to see Cupcakes!  She was having a good time gradually getting to know her little brother, who on this day, passed his hearing test!

Sibling Love

Sibling Love

After everyone left, we had the romantic dinner that they serve all the new parents.  They even brought in sparkling grape juice for us to have pretend champaign!  I had raviolis and I think Hobbs had chicken parmesan.  They even put a little table cloth down and everything – very cute.  Hobbs was sooo great to me while we were there; it was really nice to have a romantic dinner.  <3

The next day, we had more visitors, watched Mad Men on our Netflix account when they weren’t there, did an AWESOME photo shoot, Tootsie Roll saw his pediatrician and I got my dressing off.

 [Thanks to my mother-in-law, Denise, for helping us get these amazing pictures:]

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 5.55.59 PM

Love these!!  <3

And on Sunday, I was discharged.  This time I was actually excited to go home (though disappointed, as I said before, about losing room service).  It really is easier the second time around!  I think recovery was easier too because I didn’t go through labor and then have to have emergency surgery.  Everyone was prepared which was kind of weird but ultimately nice.  Here we are a month later and I’m feeling great and loving maternity leave with my two babies!



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