My Newborn is Starting to Act Like a Newborn

… and I don’t like it.

When he was first born, and actually for the entire first month, Tootsie Roll had no problem going to sleep.  Where-ever.  He fell asleep easily.  I could go out and about and he would just fall asleep in the car or in the bug2014-05-31 18.09.55gy or on me, and then easily transfer between people or back to his car seat.

Now I have to work to help him get to sleep.  The pacifier was working alright at first, but now it just makes him really angry.  He hates it.  But he has been able to suck his thumb!  (I guess my kids are just thumb suckers…)  So I jam that into his mouth, and he falls asleep.  Even if he falls asleep, though, it’s so tricky to get him to stay asleep.

He’s seriously bringing back memories of Cupcakes’ newborn days.  From Day 1, she had so much trouble sleeping!  I have so many memories of Hobbs and I cradling Cupcakes under the overhead stove fan desperately praying she’d close her eyes and go to sleep.  Then, if we were able to get her to sleep, we’d wait, holding her for about ten minutes to “make sure she was really asleep” (HA!) before gently, slowly, easing her into her crib.

And POP her eyes would shoot open.

And repeat.

In my memory, that was our life.  I remember Hobbs working grave shift one night and getting home at 7am where I was STILL UP trying to get her to sleep.

These memories scared me when I was pregnant as I wondered how Tootsie Roll would be.

And he’s great!  [[KNOCK ON WOOD]]  He sleeps comparitively very well at night.  That’s the best time to sleep!

And he sleeps a lot!  I think I didn’t realize how much Cupcakes needed to sleep so I didn’t try to get her to sleep during the day for naps.  That led to her being overtired and very cranky and impossible to get to sleep at night.

So maybe Tootsie Roll sleeps well because I’m some kind of Mommy professional with all the answers (HA!) now.  A seasoned veteran.  Oh my gosh I’m jinxing myself.  I hope hope hope he continues to sleep at night and go back to sleep after his feeding(s).

But my point is that it’s getting harder.  My pediatrician says I need to get him on a schedule (I had been nursing on demand the first month), waiting at least two hours between feedings.  I guess that’s smart but that means I have to calm him down in other ways that involves more crying (nothing stops crying like breastfeeding!!).  I think what I need to do is look for his tired cues and help him get to sleep at the exact right moment.  Oh that’s another thing… my pedi also wants me to get rid of the rock ‘n play and use the crib instead.  I feel like the RnP is a HUGE reason that he does so well at night!  Doc says the transition will be really hard if I wait too long.  Well, there’s no room for a crib at the moment anyway, but now I’m even more worried about that transition.

Alright… well I’ve done enough rambling.  For now.  I hope this post made some kind of sense.  Have a great week my peeps!!

Do you have any Newborn Sleep tips??

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  1. Forget that business of crib sleeping right now. I think Val slept in the RnP for a good 2-3 months before I put her in the crib! Do you swaddle?

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