Suckers, Graham Crackers & other Saturday Laughs

Church Laughs

5. Hobbs thought it was funny that Cupcakes was crawling under all the hands of the people sitting behind us when they were kneeling (their hands folded on the back of the pew we were sitting in).

4. “I’m going to listen to the church man.” hee hee hee

Home Laughs

3. “Don’t put it [my sucker] down or my couch will get dirty!”

2. Cupcakes was measuring so I asked, “How big is Daddy’s head?”  She replied, “GIANT!”

Hospital Laugh

1. There was a kitchenette at the hospital that offered complimentary treats.  Hobbs took Cupcakes in there and got her a package of graham crackers and since that happened, that’s all she wanted.  She ate so many graham crackers while I was there… Here’s a picture of us where she’s eating one.  🙂

2014-04-25 16.01.34


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  1. Too cute! We have a child who seems bent on rolling on the floor at church….we’ve gotta work with that child! He loves church though and loves to talk to everyone!

  2. Haha! She is like me. When I gave birth I stole those graham crackers like it was my job! What cute laughs! How is that sweet baby?

  3. PS_ that pic is awesome!

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