10 Ways to Clean Your Carpets & Rugs With Out Using Toxic Chemicals

Carpets are commonly used in households which make living more classy and comfortable. The footgear that we used accumulates microorganisms which make the carpets unhealthy and dirty. The chemicals that we use to clean may expose us to harm. Most parents are concern about their children who usually play on floors. The following are ways in which we can maintain our carpets and rugs.

  1. 1.     Always maintain the cleanliness of your carpets


Vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device at absorbs or suck dusts and dirt from floors. Vacuum your carpets at least thrice a week to avoid harmful effects to you and your family. Encouraging household members to take off their shoes or step-ins every time they step on your carpet is a nice way to minimize the soil building up deep below your carpet.

  1. 2. Use inside slippers

Encourage everyone in the household to have one. Leave dirty shoes or any slippers or sandals you use outside stay outside. Not only will keep away soil and dusts away your carpet, it will also keep it away from your whole house. This is great for stubborn children and a lazy husband.

  1. 3.     Make your own water cleaning solution


Save a lot of money and have a peace of mind while cleaning your house by making your own water detergent solution. Use household materials for this process. Mix solutions in a spray bottle and spray it on the stained part and never directly pour solutions into the carpet.

  1. 4.     Clean stains using water and fabric detergents


Use fabric detergents to remove stains in the carpets. Mix a cup of water and at least a teaspoon of detergent then get white piece of cloth or towel, smudge the towel on the carpet but don’t scrub for it may spread the stain on your carpet. Immediately wipe off spills to prevent stains.

  1. 5. Use non toxic household materials to wipe off stains

The most common way to remove smells from your carpet is by sprinkling it with baking soda and letting it stay overnight before vacuuming it. Soda base solutions are the cheapest carpet cleaning solutions ever discovered.  They are non toxic and non harmful and can easily be found in household premises.

  1. 6. Brush if off.

If the stain is tough, and can’t be removed by simply spraying and wiping with white cloth; brush stubborn stains repeatedly until stain is removed.

  1. 7. The machine work.

Steam clean your carpet at least once or twice every six months. Of course, use nontoxic solutions for cleaning.

  1. 8. Natural sunlight.

 This helps a lot in making your carpet clean. Open windows after cleaning your carpet for natural sunlight to enter, this also kills bacteria and gives a more pleasant smell.

  1. 9. Ask help. 

Contact your local cleaning company for tips and advices they could give you on how to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet and what kinds of non toxic detergents to use; they may be also selling a natural green solution.

  1. 10. Look it up.

If not sure about the products use, try searching for it one by one. This will assure you that the ingredients you are using are safe and not harmful to you and your environment.

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