7QT: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Happy Friday, Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love Valentine’s Day in a school setting!  Especially with a three year old.  🙂  She is bringing My Little Ponies for her friends today.  And seriously, check out what my other teacher, Barbie and I made for our students…

I think some of the parents might bring me chocolate and I’m excited!  (Does presuming such things make me a bad person??  Eep!)

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Dessert of the Week

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Valentines Cupcakes

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iPod Valentines

Barbie found an amazing candy iPod idea on interest and we made our own version.  I think they turned out SUPER cute!!  But what do YOU think??  Check ’em out: “You Rock, Valentine!

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Proposal Anniversary

I’m really excited for Hobbs and I’s stay-home date tonight.  Valentine’s Day has had very special meaning for us since 2008 when he proposed to me in Valentine Hall!  <3  Included in this post is more on the story of St. Valentine.  🙂

2013-12-14 20.09.01

So tonight we’re going to be snuggling up with some classic romantic movies, hopefully funny ones (TBD when we scope out Netflix) and we got some fun treats to enjoy while we do so: ice cream, chocolate fondu including oreos, nilla wafers, and marshmallows for dipping.  I wanted to get candy too, but I forgot.  We’ll have more than enough snacks, though, so I’m sure it’ll be great.

What are YOU doing for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentines InstaLife

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If You’re in a Romantic Mood…

maybe you should check out a hub I wrote about Planning Your Wedding.  🙂  I’m standing up in a wedding at the end of May.  It’s going to be happening about 3-4 weeks after El Babio is born and so I’m pretty nervous about it.  My biggest concerns are these:
I’m wondering if my scar will be healed enough (assuming I’ll have to have a repeat c-section) for all the standing.
I’m wondering how I am going to nurse a barely one month old even though there’s going to be a ceremony and pictures and everything else…
But I’m still having a great time helping my friend plan and get ready for her big day.  🙂

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