Filofax Week 7: Saint Valentine!

Yay Valentine’s Week!!  Cupcakes’ Valentine’s Cards, chocolate, and a date with my hubs!  I’m so excited!!

Theme: Valentine’s Day <3 Sweet Love <3
Colors: Red, White, Pink

Valentine Pages


Hearts Washi Tape from Target Dollar Spot
Hello Kitty Hearts Washi Tape from Toys R Us
Valentine’s Stickers from Michaels
To Do List Card-stock from Michaels
Red and Pink Felt Pens from Target

The Documented Life Project

This week on the Art to the 5th Project website, the challenge was to be inspired by another artist on your pages.  It was pretty open ended.  I wanted to check out others’ pages for inspiration, but kind of ran out of time.  My students wanted to draw them Pokemon so I’m using the Pokemon artist for my inspiration, lol.  Here is my personal favorite pocket monster: Dragonaire!


New Stuff

Meal Planning is always so tricky.  I like to plan a month in advance.  I have this list of go-to meals that I use to write the plans.  This way, we don’t eat the same thing more than once a month.  I also *try* to prepare different meals to try them out.  I find almost all of my recipe ideas from Pinterest.

Meal Ideas

…Last Week…

Almost V Day Full

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at81312PM_zps7b1cfbf8.png

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