Preschooler Activity Idea: Winter Painting

Are you cooped up because of this cold weather??  If so, you might be looking for ideas for activities to do with your probably-a-little-restless children!  Here’s an easy, super fun, and entertaining idea for your preschooler.  I’m sure you could even do this with your toddler if you supervise a bit more closely.

winter painting for kids

Winter Painting for Kids

My daughter’s AMAZING preschool teacher, Ms. Marnie had the idea.  She taped big pieces of white paper up on the windows for center time.  When each group got to this center, she gave them a paint brush and put a small cup of acrylic paint to do what they would.  Marnie also let gave them a Christmas tree shaped sponge and some green paint to add more precise decorations.  She called it “homemade wrapping paper”, but when I got it home, I just hung it up so we could look at it.  🙂


– Washable Acrylic Paint
– Big Sheet of Paper
– Smock / T-Shirt
– Paintbrush
– Masking Tape
– Shape Sponges (optional)

With non-washable acrylic paint, you do have to be careful with clothing because it won’t come out of fabric.  Simple solution: throw an old adult t-shirt or smock over them to protect their outfits.

Acrylic paint, however, will come off of windows (you may need to use a little elbow grease or a gentle scraper) so you don’t have to worry about it getting on furniture.  Plus, they get to look out and let nature inspire!

winter painting 2


I just LOVE this and I know Cupcakes had a great time doing her painting too!!  She’s done another painting like this since the wrapping paper, and I think she likes seeing it hanging up.

Kids love seeing their work on display so check out my post on Cupcakes’ Masterpiece Artwork Wall to see a fun way to do this!  🙂

What’s YOUR favorite winter time activity??

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  1. Definitely something my husband would do with our girls, because he was an art teacher and just recently actually did paper bag puppets with them when it was too cold to go outside in the snow and cold air. Looks like fun and totally going to share with him to see if we could do this not he weekend with the girls. Thanks 🙂

    • AdminJamin says:

      Ms. Marnie is an art teacher! Paper bag puppets are so classic and entertaining!! If you do the painting, let me know how it goes!! 🙂

  2. Totally doing this today!

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