Filofax Week 3: PENGUINS!

I had such a (surprisingly) difficult time finding penguin stickers!!  Michaels has multiple aisles of stickers and NO penguins (except for a sheet of 4 very Christmas-y ones).  I FINALLY found some semi-Valentines-y ones at Target, but they’re a bit bulgy.  :-/  Anyway, I love penguins and I’m very excited for my theme this week…

Theme: Penguins
Colors: Black and Red



Black Design-y Washi Tape: Target
Penguin Stickers: Target
Red Snowflake Stickers: Target
Thin Washi: Ebay

…Last Week…

So I found a blog called Art to the 5th & they’re doing a weekly art project challenge for people with planners.  It’s called The Documented Life Project.  I am super excited about it and hopefully you will enjoy them as well.  🙂  Follow me on Instagram (@4LoveofCupcakes) for all my Filofax pictures.

Week 1 was My Front Door:

My Front Door

Week 2 was a Selfie:

2- Selfie

I drew myself as a chibi in a winter coat because it’s SO COLD.  Also, I forgot that I was pregnant when drawing it, and added a belly bulge when I remembered.  😉

New Ideas

Through following #Filofax on Instagram (in the obsessive way that I do), I discovered some wonderful little things called Zentangles or Zendoodles.  Here’s mine from Week 2:

Zentangle 1

and finally…

Last Week’s Pages:

chilly full

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at81312PM_zps7b1cfbf8.png

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