Some Made Up Words & other Saturday Laughs

Here are some funny-isms from my babe’s mouth this past week.  🙂  Enjoy!

5. “Baby peed in her ‘dajamas’; can we change her?”  {over and over and over and over}

4. “A ‘bock’ is like a tiny rock.”

3. After a bout of fake crying, suddenly we heard, “I’m happy!”

2. ME: “You have to tell Mommy and Daddy when you have to go pee pee.”
CUPCAKES: “Ok…. That doesn’t make sense.”

1. I said ouch.  Cupcakes responded with the following: “Oh Sorry!  It’s OK!  Calm Down!” She said each of these three things quickly – right in a row.

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  1. The made up words- so funny! A bock! FUNNY!!! #2- LOL! Cupcakes is hilarious as ever!!!

  2. Cupcakes is so funny! I love #1 and 2 the most!

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