7QT: Freezing Cold & Banana Bread

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Happy Friday

Is it back to the grind for you too?

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Dessert of the Week

This is more of a breakfast / snack of the week…

BANANA bread!

banana bread

I have a really simple recipe (just 6 ingredients), but this time I made LOAF banana bread instead of muffins.  Still delish.  If you read the next two takes, you’ll see that we had to do everything we could to stay warm, so all day Monday we baked and cooked things in the oven.

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Main Headline of the Week

It’s been absolutely frigid!!  I heard a crazy fact on the radio… on Monday, a town in Minnesota had the record-breakingly low temperature of -34 degrees.  That is colder than it’s been on MARS in recent days.  Yes, MARS.  MARS!  That planet that is MUCH FARTHER FROM THE SUN than our Earth!  ::shudder::

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So We had a Snow Day

My boss told me we wouldn’t close the center because of the cold (parents depend on us!), but I think that because it was so cold and snowy with dangerous road conditions, she had no choice.  But everyone was closed: schools, businesses… some places even declared in a “state of emergency” Monday.  Hobbs didn’t have to go into work because his boss knew the casino would be virtually empty.

We stayed inside and did everything we could to stay warm.

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snowy instalife

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Happy Birthday to my Little Sister!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow; see you at the rents!  🙂

2013-12-07 12.21.54

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