Cutest Face, Teachers, Floss & other Saturday Laughs

5. Last night, Cupcakes was dragging a thing of dental floss all around our apartment saying, “Come here, Doggie.”  She keeps telling us she wants a doggie from Santa, but it seems to me that this dental floss is doing just fine.  Maybe I’ll call Santa and have him just send some more dental floss…

4. Will you still love it [the baby] if it’s a brother?

Well I hope she was just kidding because…

3. I was complaining about having to be “the bad guy” and my husband said, “well sometimes teachers have to be the bad guy.”

From the backseat:

“No they’re NOT, DADDY!  Teachers are NOT bad guys!!!”

Hilarious.  She was serious.  And mad.
(Is it weird that I think it’s kind of cute that in a way she was defending her teacher, Ms. M.?)

2. I find this quite amusing:

regular flavor

“Great Regular Flavor!”

1. This is one of my new favorite pictures!  Cupcakes was being so cute and goofy Thursday morning (she is crabby on a lot of mornings.  Totally understandable… I’m the same way) and I snapped this shot:

cutest bailey


I might use this picture again.  Just sayin’.  It’s totes cute!

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  1. Congrats on the baby boy! She’ll forget all about wanting a sister when she sees her new little brother and all of the fun toys that come with boys. I would totally stick with the dental floss too. So much easier! We had our ultrasound 2 weeks ago but didn’t find out. I’m pretty sure I saw boy parts though! :0)

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