7QT: Including Big Gender Reveal!

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I had kind of a weird week because it was split up.

How are YOU doing?

Hey!  Today’s Friday the 13th.  Good luck!  ;-)

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Dessert of the Week

We’re still enjoying the treats from Cupcakes’ M&M Themed Birthday Party.  :)

2013-12-07 12.34.36

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Gender Reveal

I couldn’t believe the gender ultra sound appointment was already upon me when we went this past Wednesday.  The first thing I saw was “El Babio”‘s little heartbeat and then I noticed the feet were crossed at the ankles.  The baby kept them that way throughout the appointment.  The doctor kept getting little glimpses of… things.  So he can say with 90% certainty that “El Babio” is a….

*drumroll please*


Here’s the little cutie’s face and hands:

2013-12-11 15.50.29It looks like he has a huge smile on his face but I’m not sure if I’m looking at it right…

2013-12-11 15.50.36

Look at those fingers!!!

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Christmas Family

I included the little bundle of joy (even though he’s still hidden from view) in our

LEGO Minifigure Christmas Card.

You should check it out; it’s seriously cute!!

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tree collage

I am going to show you this tree picture larger next week or the week after for Wordless Wednesday, but we decorated the tree this past weekend.

The two pictures on the right represent my journey into the #Filofax way of life that I have recently discovered.  Search #Filofax on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean!

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My Split Week

I had the whole day off on Wednesday because of the doctor appointment (though I’m not sure why) so I had a strange week.  It was very nice to get to spend the morning with both my husband and Cupcakes, though!  We almost *never* get that since Hobbs works dayshift including weekends.  So here’s my loves while I was making pancakes:

2013-12-11 08.59.23

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  1. Congrats on your SON, Jamie! Has Cupcakes said anything about having a little brother? Did she care about the sex and put in a “request”?

  2. Awesome! What a blessing!

  3. Awwww, Congrats on the little boy!

  4. I am so unbelievably happy for you!!!!!

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